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A fresh approach to
deal-sharing and customer rewards

Everyone has favorite local hangouts - bars, restaurants, coffee houses, and so on. What better way to support the places you love than by sharing deals with your friends and getting rewarded too? Simply show up, check-in, share deals, and get awesome deals for yourself! Be rewarded for what you do!

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JoinMe@ is a FREE mobile app for customer loyalty rewards and grassroots marketing that rewards influential patrons (that's you!). The app is available in iOS and Android.


Share awesome, exclusive deals from your favorite hangouts with your friends and family. They get great deals and you'll get even better deals of your own. It's a win-win situation, y'all!


Get rewarded for your business! As you use the app to share and receive deals, you will unlock special deals and unique privileges at your favorite spots. It's the modern alternative to a pile of ratty old loyalty punchcards languishing in your wallet!


Big deal-sharing apps are inflexible and can damage small- to medium-sized neighborhood businesses. Use JoinMe@ instead to get exceptional deals for supporting the places you already love – without endangering their future.


JoinMe@ is run by a small but scrappy crack team of dedicated professionals who are still continually growing, testing and tweaking this app. If you have feedback for our team, we'd love to hear it!



Chief Executive Officer

Kicking ass, taking names, shaking hands.


Chief Technology Officer

A programmer, blogger, and general nerd-about-town, I love throwing myself into new projects, learning new technologies, and writing about whatever I’m currently working on be it tech, comics, or bacon.


Creative Director

I make pretty things and give long, unrequested lectures about things like alignment, legibility, usability, the importance of negative space, how Photoshop should only be used for photo editing, gardening, blogging, travel, cooking, and ethnic food restaurants in Atlanta.


Lead Android Developer

An electronic systems engineer and food critic always in search of unique foods that will blow your mind – and I can also throw down in the kitchen. Known for making the best BBQ ribs, fried rice, and curry chicken you've ever had while listening to soca, the music of the party island Trinidad, of which I am a native.


Senior Android Developer

I'm a programmer who enjoys solving interesting problems, collaborating with our talented team, learning new things, and seeing our solutions in action. In my spare time I enjoy trying new restaurants, backpacking, watching college sports, and video games.


API & Web Developer

A cybernetic organism who programs for both work and as a hobby, and has mission parameters to learn as much new tech as possible. Also enjoys human pursuits such as video gaming, fine cuisine, and criticizing films and television.


Infrastructure Engineer

The super nerd who ensures the infrastructure keeps humming along, no matter what's thrown at it! Often be found playing with my closet virtual cluster, configuring networks, firewalls, and VMs on the fly. I also love hiking in the wilderness during those short periods away from the internet!



JoinMe@ infographic - how JM@ worksEverybody's got questions. Luckily, we've got answers.

I still don't get it. What is JoinMe@?

JoinMe@ is a mobile app that lets you check in to your favorite local hangouts, find deals, specials, and promotions, and get rewarded for sending them to your friends. Check in, send a nice deal to friends, and immediately get an even better deal for yourself! Encourage your pals to join you at your favorite places and share the local love. Earn levels and ranks to get even better deals and earn special privileges!

I'm a customer – why should I use JoinMe@?

Because we're awesome, obviously! But also because you can...

  • Get deals and promotions at your favorite restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, and other local businesses
  • Send deals and promotions to friends via text
  • Encourage friends to join them at their location
  • Get rewarded for repeat business and sharing specials
  • Get rewarded for being an influencer


I'm a business owner – should I partner with JoinMe@?

Yes! JoinMe@ puts the power of the daily deal model in your hands, with massive improvements. As the person who knows your business best, you'll have flexibility and control of what you promote, when, and how. Plus, our loyalty tool aligns the users goals with yours by encouraging repeat business instead of coupon-clipping behavior. You can...

  • Create specials and promotions on the fly to influence traffic
  • Use customers’ existing network of friends to better target potential new customers
  • Track metrics on who sends deals, who uses them, and what deals work best
  • Know when your best customers are in the building so you can personally connect with them
  • Grow your business virally though digital word-of-mouth marketing


This looks great! But what about my Windows Phone/Blackberry/Palm Pilot/carrier pigeon?

While we are really glad that you are so excited about our app, the consumer version is currently only on Android and iOS. As a start-up, we only have so many development hours to go around. Like most companies, we've started with the most popular devices and may, in the future, continue developing for others.


So, you're a start-up. What's next for JoinMe@?

The JoinMe@ team wants to improve upon all aspects of deal sharing, and so we will be using customer and merchant feedback and data to continuously make the app even better. We’re currently working on a robust loyalty system, photo integration, and a fully flexible and easy to use web portal for merchants.



  • Partnered with JoinMe@, our business finally has a platform to incentivize my current customers to aid us in our mission to grow. The JoinMe@ platform provides our business with a lasting, unique viral growth opportunity through engagement of my current clients and their networks.


Our Partners


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Holla! We'll make every effort to respond to your inquiries and feedback as quickly as possible.

Headquarters: Dallas, TX USA
E-mail: info@joinmeatapp.com